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From Regional to Global: Our Naturkost Schramm Partners

Naturkost Schramm was formed as a limited liability company in 1988. In 2005 the company was taken over by organic wholesalers from the REGIONALEN association and by the firm of BioTropic and transformed by its staff and partners into Naturkost Schramm Import/Export GmbH.

Our partner BioTropic imports and distributes organic fruit and vegetables worldwide. Ten health food- or organic foodstuff wholesalers have combined together to form DIE REGIONALEN. These represent a nationwide association of regional organic foodstuff wholesalers who are able to supply farm shops, organic supermarkets and specialist retailers with organic foodstuffs on a direct basis. Among these are also included the stockholders of Naturkost Schramm.

With our big, high-selling partners on board we've successfully carried on our work. On the one hand Naturkost Schramm has been able to further expand its good connections with foreign organic producers and form new contacts.On the other hand its partners always ensure that good fruit and vegetables from Naturkost Schramm is distributed as fast as possible and arrives in the shops and with the customer fresh and of the highest quality.

Grell Naturkost
Naturkost Elkershausen
Naturkost Erfurt
Naturkost West
Phönix Naturprodukte
Rinklin Naturkost
Terra Naturkosthandel
Willmann + pax an Naturwarenhandelsgesellschaft mbh

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